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We offer free shipping for all orders over $100, and as a bonus, you’ll receive a complimentary pack of Shock Choco! For orders under $100, there is a flat-rate shipping fee of $15. Rest assured, all shipped orders come with a tracking number for your convenience. Rest assured, all shipped orders come with a tracking number for your convenience.

Our average delivery time is 1-2 hours. Delivery is free for orders exceeding $30, while orders below $80 incur a $10 delivery fee.

Orders placed for next-day delivery qualify for free delivery with a minimum purchase of $30.

We fully recognize and respect the significance of your privacy. All orders are meticulously packaged in unobtrusive, plain packaging to ensure your confidentiality and discretion. Safeguarding your personal information is our top priority


hello first time users, we would suggest 500mg to 1500mg. 

Magic mushrooms offer various consumption options, including raw ingestion, tea preparation, or inclusion in meals or capsules. It’s essential to begin with a conservative dose and gradually adjust to your desired experience. We recommend exploring the method that aligns with your preferences and consulting our team for expert guidance on safe consumption.

Preserve the quality and potency of our products by storing them in a cool, dry location at room temperature. Shield them from direct sunlight and prevent exposure to drastic temperature changes. These practices will help ensure the freshness and effectiveness of your purchase for at least a year or even longer.

Maintain constant visual contact with the person and stay with them throughout their experience. Find a quiet, comfortable space for them to sit or lie down, and encourage slow, deep breaths to help them relax. Offer a sweet, non-alcoholic drink to help ease the effects of the challenging trip. Reassure them that the effects are temporary and will eventually subside. Continue providing support and encouragement. If the situation escalates and their safety is a concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to medical professionals or emergency services. Honesty about the situation is crucial.

In addition to the above steps, you also have the option to purchase our ‘trip stopper’ product, which can be a valuable tool in helping individuals regain control during a challenging trip. This product is designed to provide additional support and assistance in such situations, complementing the steps mentioned above for a safer and more comfortable experience. (Click in)

There are two conditons


Good news!! There is no drug test for mushroom.


Excellent question. The human body typically metabolizes psilocybin and clears its metabolites within 24 hours. However, if you are a frequent user of magic mushrooms, it’s worth noting that psilocybin metabolites may still be detectable in your system for up to three days after your last use. While standard five-panel drug tests usually do not screen for psilocybin and its metabolites, it’s important to be aware that extended ten-panel drug tests may include them in their analysis.


Yes, we take the security of your personal information seriously. Our website is equipped with robust encryption and security measures to protect your data. Rest assured that your personal information is safe when making a purchase on our website.

Our payment options include E-transfer, Cash (for delivery only), and Credit Card (with a 5% surcharge). Additionally, we also accept payments through PayPal

FOR e transfer you can set “reviveroots” as an answer.

You can make a payment with your card in our website, or you can also pay through our delivery team using your card.

You can reach with our email at We typically respond within a maximum of 1 hour.

We do not offer returns or refunds. If you encounter any issues with your order, contact our customer service for assistance.